Serenity Senter - Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, & Stretch in a private atmospere!
        Invest in yourself, well being, & health!!
Prepay Special for Massage or Reiki:  Buy 4 and get
                     the 5th session FREE!
     Therapeutic Massage:  Swedish & Deep Tissue!
    Sport injury, Iliopsoas release, & Somatic Pain Relief.
                Private Reiki Healing Sessions! 
            Private Reflexology & Refaceology!
 Start your natural healing today through balance 
 of mind, body, and spirit. All at reasonable prices!
  Check out our beautiful, private, peaceful studio  
                 @ 45 Bank Row, Greenfield, MA!
         Gift Certificates available next door @
         Primp Beauty Salon or call or email us!
       New Reiki Classes starting ! Sign up now.
Visit our new website: 
  Massage, Reiki, & Reflexolgy in Greenfield, MA
  • Reiki Training Classes.  Please e-mail for a full Reiki class outline and pricing.
  • Reiki I, II, & III:  each session consists of 3, 2 hour classes.
  • Reiki Master Class is a full 8 hour day. 
  • Reiki Healing Sessions in a private and peaceful atmosphere.  Call any Reiki Master for an appointment.
  • How's your flexibility?  Can you bend and touch your toes?  Can you reach high to put groceries away?  Private or group stretch classes available.  Book your stretch class with Laurie Dulude.
  • Hand & Foot Reflexology and Refaceology treatments with Vicky Seavey.
  • Can't leave your home?  Call for in home sessions:  Massage, Reiki, Reflexology and Stretch!
  • Massage Therapy:  Swedish, Deep Tissue, and somatic pain relief with Laurie Dulude.
  • We have unique stone and crystal pendulums, jewelry, soap, and small clusters for sale. 

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